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Funeral Planning

We are sorry for the loss of your loved one.  The information on this page is to help you plan the funeral service.

Because the funeral Mass is a celebration of resurrection, the church discourages eulogies at Mass.  This is not insensitivity on the part of the church (remember, eulogies are permitted and encouraged at  either the Vigil or Wake), but helps us keep in perspective that the Rite of Christian Burial consists of several parts (joined together by processions), and no one part must carry the whole weight of this solemn and important time in the life of a family and parish after the death of a loved one.

We are often asked about honorariums (stipends) involved for a funeral mass.  Recommended:                                                                                                           $150:  organist (set fee)                                                                                 $75:  cantor (set fee)                                                                                       $75:  Church administrative fee (set fee)                                                     $100 - $500:  Priest (average range of donation)  

(these can be written into one check made out to St. Michael)

A funeral mass is very similar to a Sunday liturgy.  For a funeral, you are allowed to personalize the service with readings and music. The Planning Sheet below can be printed out and filled in with your choices.

Family planning sheet.doc Family planning sheet.doc
Size : 34.5 Kb
Type : doc

FIRST READING CHOICES:  Please choose one reading from this section.

Old Testament Choices.doc Old Testament Choices.doc
Size : 38 Kb
Type : doc

SECOND READING CHOICES:  Please choose one reading from this section.

New Testament Choices.doc New Testament Choices.doc
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GOSPEL READINGS:  Please choose one reading from this section.

Gospel Choices.doc Gospel Choices.doc
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MASS MUSIC:  Another way that you may personalize the funeral service for your loved one, is through music.  Below you will find music suggestions for each part of the mass. You will be choosing a gathering song, a psalm, a song at the preparation of gifts, a communion song and a sending forth song.

The Song of Farewell is a part of the funeral liturgy that is sung during the final blessing. 

The most common is May the choirs of angels.

May_the_Choirs_of_Angels (1).mp3

The Celtic Farewell, is often chosen by families with Irish heritage.


Please look through the music in the document belowand add your choices to the Funeral Planning Sheet.  If you have any questions regarding the music, please feel free to contact the music ministry at or 919-468-6144.

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Here are some of the Music Selections for you to hear.

Suggestions for Entrance and Recessional






Suggestions for Preparation of Gifts and Communion






Responsorial Psalm Choices - The Psalm will be led by the cantor after the First Reading.  The refrain will be in the program.