Music Ministry St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church


  • Our choir family
  • Bonnie's granddaughter June
  • Glenn's Mom, Audrey Rita Guidry who has died
  • Nancy Godbold's Brother-in-law, Cash Ellerbe Godbold who has died
  • Wayne and Marlene as they prepare for retirement
  • Phil's mom Freda who has died 
  • Deb Icardi's Mom who fell and is in the hospital
  • Julie Meyer's husband Walter
  • Mike Walsh - heart surgery - recovery (doing well)
  • Trish's Dad - Alzheimers
  • Sherry Kilgus-Kramer - continued health
  • success for Zora and Christopher - grad school
  •  Karen's mother-in-law, Cathy Gdaniec
  • Those fighting cancer and having surgery
  • Those struggling with anxiety and depression and addiction
  • all those recovering from surgery
  • Maria Cho