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Funeral Planning

We are sorry for the loss of your loved one.  The information on this page is to help you plan the funeral service.  Please Contact Diane Williams for more planning information.

We are often asked about honorariums (stipends) involved for a funeral mass.  Recommended:                                                                                                          $250:  Music                                                                                                              $75:  Church administrative fee                                                                                $100 - $500:  Priest (average range of donation)  

(these can be written into one check made out to St. Michael)

A funeral mass is very similar to a Sunday liturgy.  For a funeral, you are allowed to personalize the service with readings and music. The Planning Sheet below can be printed out and filled in with your choices.

Family planning sheet_2020.pdf Family planning sheet_2020.pdf
Size : 18.841 Kb
Type : pdf

If you are pre-planning for  your own Funeral Mass, please see the pre-planning sheet below.

funeral pre-planning_2021.pdf funeral pre-planning_2021.pdf
Size : 19.414 Kb
Type : pdf

FIRST READING CHOICES:  Please choose one reading from this section.  Think about who from friends or family might like to read.

If the funeral will take place during the Easter Season, the First Reading must be chosen from the Easter Choices.

Old Testament Choices_ordinary time.doc Old Testament Choices_ordinary time.doc
Size : 32.5 Kb
Type : doc
Easter First Readings.doc Easter First Readings.doc
Size : 30 Kb
Type : doc

SECOND READING CHOICES:  Please choose one reading from this section.   Think about who from friends or family might like to read.

New Testament Choices.doc New Testament Choices.doc
Size : 344.5 Kb
Type : doc

GOSPEL READINGS:  Please choose one reading from this section.  The Priest or Deacon will read this at the Mass.

Gospel Choices.doc Gospel Choices.doc
Size : 57.5 Kb
Type : doc

MASS MUSIC:  Another way that you may personalize the funeral service for your loved one, is through music.  Below you will find music suggestions for each part of the Mass. You will be choosing a gathering song, a psalm, a song at the preparation of gifts, a communion song and a sending forth song.  

If you have any questions regarding the music, please feel free to contact the music ministry at or 919-468-6144.

Here are some of the Music Selections for you to hear. 

Suggestions for Entrance and Recessional

All Creatures of our God and King.mp3





I Heard the Voice of Jesus.mp3


In the Day of the Lord.mp3

In This Place.mp3


Lead Me Lord_trio.mp3


Sing with all the saints in Glory.mp3


Suggestions for Preparation of Gifts and Communion



Behold the Lamb of God.mp3

carry me home.mp3



Here I am Lord.mp3



I the Lord.mp3

Immaculate Mary.mp3

In Remembrance of You.mp3

Lord of all Hopefulness.mp3

Loving and Forgiving.mp3

Table of Plenty.mp3


Songs in Spanish:  We have more songs available in Spanish, please ask.

Pan de Vida.mp3

Senor de Dios.mp3